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Oliver Chen

Oliver Chen specialises in restoring heritage sites. His expertise combines preserving cultural authenticity while ensuring relevance for today’s needs.

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12 Defining House Styles

From the classical Georgian homes to the sleek mid-century modern designs these 12 house styles are iconic in architectural history, continuing to influence our homes today.
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Room Ideas Sofia AnderssonOliver Chen

Home Projects with Colin Chee

Embarking on a home project is a thrilling yet daunting experience. Mood boarding transforms visions into reality, offering clarity and creativity to your journey.
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Room Ideas Elena CortezOliver Chen

Your Living Room with Hygge

Hygge promotes warmth and well-being in daily life. Embrace it to transform your living room into a cozy space for meaningful connections with loved ones.
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Features Oliver Chen Keiko Tanaka

Tribeca Triplex Transformation

In Manhattan's trendy Tribeca neighborhood, a stunning metamorphosis unfolded. Interior designer Jae Joo reimagined a standard Tribeca triplex into a unique, chic Brutalist-style haven.
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Healthy Living Oliver Chen

Architecture for Healthy Living

Discover how thoughtful design choices in architecture promote wellness and vitality, from fostering connections with nature to prioritizing indoor air quality and social interaction
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Features Oliver ChenSólveig Jónsdóttir

A Playful Masterpiece in Small Living Spaces

Step into the Maximalist mini loft—a whimsical blend of childhood nostalgia and innovative design. Every corner tells a story of creativity and personalized charm.
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